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bug#25842: 25.1; Mouse stops working after using Logitech mouse's minimi

From: Robert Ross
Subject: bug#25842: 25.1; Mouse stops working after using Logitech mouse's minimize button
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 16:48:36 +0000


This fails the same way when running "runemacs.exe -Q".  No customizations
required for Emacs.

I mentioned the specific mouse I was using, but I've checked two more mice and
believe any Logitech mouse will work (I haven't tested for similar
functionality in other brands).

Older mice are supported by SetPoint, and newer mice are supported by "Logitech
Options".  Either version can be downloaded here:

If using a SetPoint mouse:

Install Logitech SetPoint
Run "Mouse and Keyboard Settings" (SetPoint) to customize buttons.
   Select a button, but not Left or Right
   Select task "other" for the button, scroll down to find "minimize"

If using a "Logitech Options" mouse:
Install "Logitech Options"
Run "Logitech Options"
   Click a button that you want to customize.
   Select "Minimize Window" as the action.
   Close the window

For either option:

Launch Emacs.  See that the mouse works normally.  Click the "minimize" mouse
  button to minimize Emacs (just click somewhere in Emacs, not on the little
  corner button)

Restore Emacs.  Note that the mouse buttons no longer work.

Click one of the menus (File, Edit, etc.).  The next click inside Emacs
  doesn't work, but subsequent clicks do.

Thanks for your help.

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