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bug#16722: 24.3.50; `M-x man' does not handle case appropriately

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#16722: 24.3.50; `M-x man' does not handle case appropriately
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2017 14:36:15 -0800 (PST)

> Your system is mis-configured: it finds the Windows find.exe before
> (or instead) finding the Cygwin find.exe.  You should re-arrange your

Yes, it is my Windows PATH (which is correct for my general use on
Windows - correct order etc.), but with \ changed to / and with
drive letters replaced by /cygdrive/<DRIVE-LETTER>/.  And SPC chars
are not escaped.

`bash' apparently picks that up, as the default.  Not sure what the
right approach is to deal with this.  But at least I now understand
somewhat what's happening.

Similarly, for `exec-path' (but which includes "c:/cygwin/bin" (at
the front) and "d:/Emacs-24.5/libexec/emacs/24.5/i686-pc-mingw32"
(at the end).

> And this looks like some problem with file names with embedded blanks
> ("Program Files").

Yes; see above.

> > Is there really no possibility that Emacs will fix this?
> I don't see any evidence of an Emacs problem here.

Well as I said, it used to just work, out of the box...

I see that the value of PATH inside Emacs has "c:/cygwin/bin"
at its start (because I add it there in `setup-cygwin.el').
Outside of Emacs it is not there, and it is outside Emacs where
I tried (in a bash terminal) to use `makewhatis'.

I just now added that dir to the beginning of the Windows PATH
outside Emacs, and then invoked `makewhatis' in a bash terminal,
and it built file `whatis' properly.  That fixed the completion
problem for `M-x man'.

(However, I doubt that it will be right to have that dir at the
start of my Windows PATH (for general use), so I've removed it.)

It still seems to me that this should "just work", out of
the box.

Anyway, my individual problem is solved, at least for now.  If
you are not interested in improving Emacs in some way wrt this
problem, feel free to close the bug.  And thanks to both
of you for the helpful info.

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