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bug#25488: 25.1; gdb package interpreter problem

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#25488: 25.1; gdb package interpreter problem
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 14:24:28 -0500
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(Nick doesn't maintain gdb.el any more, so I removed him from the cc)

Randy Yates wrote:

> 1. configure remote system by running "gdbserver --multi localhost:<port>"
> 2. on host system, run emacs, then "M-x gdb <ret> -i=mi"
> 3. at the gdb prompt:
>   file <path-to-exe>
>   target extended-remote <remote-host-ip-addr>:<port>
>   set remote exec-file <path-to-exe>
>   start
> 4.on the remote side, note the message:
>   "Cannot exec <path-to-exe> : No such file or directory."
> specifically, note the space between "<path-to-exe>" and ":", which
> should not be there. this is the extraneous space.

Confirmed on rhel 7.

This seems to be due to the " " in:

(concat gdb-continuation string " ")

in gdb-send, which was added in bug#14847. I've cc'd the author of that change.

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