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bug#25392: 26.0.50; master 952d0f2 not compileable on linux

From: Philipp Stephani
Subject: bug#25392: 26.0.50; master 952d0f2 not compileable on linux
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2017 10:56:34 +0000

You need to run ./autogen.sh again.

Stefan-W. Hahn <address@hidden> schrieb am So., 8. Jan. 2017 um 09:03 Uhr:

master 952d0f2 ist not compileable on linux. I tried to bisect the problem and
found the first not compileable commit with following compile error:

cd . && /bin/bash /usr/src/emacs/emacs.git/build-aux/missing automake-1.15 --gnu -a -c lib/Makefile
automake-1.15: error: cannot open < lib/../nt/gnulib.mk: No such file or directory
Makefile:459: recipe for target 'lib/Makefile.in' failed
make: *** [lib/Makefile.in] Error 1

My recipe to build emacs is:

./configure --with-x-toolkit=gtk --with-xft \
            --with-x --with-sound=yes --with-wide-int --with-file-notification=yes --prefix=/opt/emacs25 \
            --with-jpeg --with-xpm --with-png --with-tiff=no --with-rsvg --with-xml2 --with-gnutls \
            --with-xft --with-imagemagick --with-modules \
            CFLAGS="$XCFLAGS" GIT_VERSION="$(git describe --dirty)"

make -j4

Bisect gives:

10444dcf77711bf3360f865fcb0d446a83e1bfb5 is the first bad commit
commit 10444dcf77711bf3360f865fcb0d446a83e1bfb5
Author: Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>
Date:   Tue Jan 3 17:46:40 2017 +0200

    Generate nt/gnulib.mk from lib/gnulib.mk

    This was proposed by Paul Eggert <address@hidden>,
    with the purpose of avoiding manual maintenance of

    * nt/gnulib-modules-to-delete.cfg: New file.
    * nt/Makefile.in (AM_V_GEN, am__v_GEN_, am__v_GEN_0)
    (am__v_GEN_1): New variables.
    (${srcdir}/gnulib.mk): Rules to generate gnulib.mk from
    lib/gnulib.mk and list of modules in gnulib-modules-to-delete.cfg.

    * make-dist (nt): Add gnulib-modules-to-delete.cfg to the list of
    files to link.
    * configure.ac (GNULIB_MK): Compute the value according to $opsys.
    * autogen.sh: Create nt/gnulib.mk if it doesn't exist, before
    running autoreconf.
    * Makefile.in (gnulib_mk): New variable.
    ($(srcdir)/nt/gnulib.mk): Rule to produce it.
    (AUTOMAKE_INPUTS): Use $(gnulib_mk) instead of a literal file
    * .gitignore: Add nt/gnulib.mk.

    * src/w32.c (acl_errno_valid): Implement it here, as we no longer
    build the acl-permissions module from Gnulib.

With kind regards,

Stefan-W. Hahn                          It is easy to make things.
                                        It is hard to make things simple.

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