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bug#25270: eshell -- programmatically send input -- feature request

From: Keith David Bershatsky
Subject: bug#25270: eshell -- programmatically send input -- feature request
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2016 11:00:16 -0800

As far as I am aware, users of eshell have been limited to sending input 
programmatically by inserting the command into the eshell buffer (at the 
command prompt) and then executing `eshell-send-input`.  Some users (like 
myself) may feel that such a solution is lo-tech -- i.e., not very eloquent.  
Perhaps this is because I, and perhaps others, am/are spoiled by functions 
available when running shell such as:

    (let ((buf (shell)))
      (comint-send-string buf "ls -la")


    (let ((buf (shell)))
      (comint-simple-send buf "ls -la"))

Here is a link to a thread entitled "How to programmatically execute a command 
in eshell?":


And the accepted answer is as follows:

    (with-current-buffer "*eshell*"
      (insert "ls")

The following is an example of how this new feature might be implemented:

SAMPLE USAGE:  (eshell-send-input nil nil nil "ls -la /")

(require 'eshell)

(defun eshell-send-input (&optional use-region queue-p no-newline 
  "Send the input received to Eshell for parsing and processing.
After `eshell-last-output-end', sends all text from that marker to
point as input.  Before that marker, calls `eshell-get-old-input' to
retrieve old input, copies it to the end of the buffer, and sends it.
-  If USE-REGION is non-nil, the current region (between point and mark)
will be used as input.
-  If QUEUE-P is non-nil, input will be queued until the next prompt,
rather than sent to the currently active process.  If no process, the
input is processed immediately.
-  If NO-NEWLINE is non-nil, the input is sent without an implied final
  (interactive "P")
  ;; Note that the input string does not include its terminal newline.
  (let ((proc-running-p
          (and (eshell-interactive-process)
               (not queue-p)))
        (inhibit-point-motion-hooks t)
    (unless (and proc-running-p
                 (not (eq (process-status (eshell-interactive-process)) 'run)))
      (if (or proc-running-p
              (>= (point) eshell-last-output-end))
        (goto-char (point-max))
        ;; This is for a situation when point is before `point-max'.
        (let ((copy (or input-string-a (eshell-get-old-input use-region))))
          (goto-char eshell-last-output-end)
          (insert-and-inherit copy)))
      (unless (or no-newline
                  (and eshell-send-direct-to-subprocesses
        (insert-before-markers-and-inherit ?\n))
      (if proc-running-p
          (eshell-update-markers eshell-last-output-end)
          (if (or eshell-send-direct-to-subprocesses
                  (= eshell-last-input-start eshell-last-input-end))
            (unless no-newline
              (process-send-string (eshell-interactive-process) "\n"))
                (process-send-region (eshell-interactive-process)
        (if (and (null input-string-a) (= eshell-last-output-end (point)))
          ;; This next line is for a situation when nothing is there -- just 
make a new command prompt.
          (run-hooks 'eshell-post-command-hook)
          (let (input)
            (eshell-condition-case err
                (setq input (or input-string-a
                                   eshell-last-output-end (1- (point)))))
                (run-hook-with-args 'eshell-expand-input-functions
                        eshell-last-output-end (1- (point)))
                (let ((cmd (eshell-parse-command-input
                             eshell-last-output-end (1- (point)) nil 
                  (when cmd
                    (eshell-update-markers eshell-last-output-end)
                    (setq input (buffer-substring-no-properties
                                  (1- eshell-last-input-end)))
                    (run-hooks 'eshell-input-filter-functions)
                    (and (catch 'eshell-terminal
                             (if (eshell-invoke-directly cmd)
                               (eval cmd)
                               (eshell-eval-command cmd input))))
                    (eshell-reset t)
                    (run-hooks 'eshell-post-command-hook)
                    (signal 'quit nil))
                    (eshell-reset t)
                      (concat (error-message-string err) "\n"))
                    (run-hooks 'eshell-post-command-hook)
                    (insert-and-inherit input)))))))))

(defun eshell-parse-command-input (beg end &optional args input-string-b)
  "Parse the command input from BEG to END.
The difference is that `eshell-parse-command' expects a complete
command string (and will error if it doesn't get one), whereas this
function will inform the caller whether more input is required.
-  If nil is returned, more input is necessary (probably because a
multi-line input string wasn't terminated properly).  Otherwise, it
will return the parsed command."
  (let (delim command)
    (if (setq delim (catch 'eshell-incomplete
                        (setq command (eshell-parse-command (cons beg end) args 
t input-string-b)))))
        (message "Expecting completion of delimiter %c ..."
          (if (listp delim)
              (car delim)

(defun eshell-parse-command (command &optional args toplevel input-string-c)
  "Parse the COMMAND, adding ARGS if given.
COMMAND can either be a string, or a cons cell demarcating a buffer
region.  TOPLEVEL, if non-nil, means that the outermost command (the
user's input command) is being parsed, and that pre and post command
hooks should be run before and after the command."
  (let* (
        (if input-string-c
          (eshell-parse-arguments--temp-buffer input-string-c)
            (if (consp command)
              (eshell-parse-arguments (car command) (cdr command))
              (let ((here (point))
                    (inhibit-point-motion-hooks t))
                  ;; FIXME: Why not use a temporary buffer and avoid this
                  ;; "insert&delete" business?  --Stef
                  (insert command)
                      (eshell-parse-arguments here (point))
                    (delete-region here (point))))))
            (lambda (cmd)
              (setq cmd (if (or (not (car eshell--sep-terms))
                                (string= (car eshell--sep-terms) ";"))
                          (eshell-parse-pipeline cmd)
                              (list ,(eshell-parse-pipeline cmd)))))
              (setq eshell--sep-terms (cdr eshell--sep-terms))
              (if eshell-in-pipeline-p
                `(eshell-trap-errors ,cmd))))
          (eshell-separate-commands terms "[&;]" nil 'eshell--sep-terms))) )
    (let ((cmd commands))
      (while cmd
        (if (cdr cmd)
            (setcar cmd `(eshell-commands ,(car cmd))))
        (setq cmd (cdr cmd))))
    (if toplevel
      `(eshell-commands (progn
                                (run-hooks 'eshell-pre-command-hook)
                                (catch 'top-level (progn ,@commands))
                                (run-hooks 'eshell-post-command-hook)))
      (macroexp-progn commands))))

(defun eshell-parse-arguments--temp-buffer (input-string-d)
  "Parse all of the arguments at point from BEG to END.
Returns the list of arguments in their raw form.
Point is left at the end of the arguments."
    (insert input-string-d)
    (let ((inhibit-point-motion-hooks t)
          (args (list t))
        (remove-text-properties (point-min) (point-max)
                                '(arg-begin nil arg-end nil))
        (goto-char (point-min))
        (if (setq
             (catch 'eshell-incomplete
               (while (not (eobp))
                 (let* ((here (point))
                        (arg (eshell-parse-argument)))
                   (if (= (point) here)
                       (error "Failed to parse argument '%s'"
                              (buffer-substring here (point-max))))
                   (and arg (nconc args (list arg)))))))
            (throw 'eshell-incomplete (if (listp delim)
                                        (list delim (point) (cdr args)))))
        (cdr args)))))

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