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bug#24675: 26.0.50; Misleading suggestion in Ediff Info manual

From: Philipp Stephani
Subject: bug#24675: 26.0.50; Misleading suggestion in Ediff Info manual
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2016 21:25:41 +0000

Glenn Morris <address@hidden> schrieb am Di., 13. Dez. 2016 um 19:03 Uhr:
Philipp Stephani wrote:

> The Ediff Info manual, in section 7.1 "Hooks", says:
> 'ediff-cleanup-hook'
>      This hook is run just before 'ediff-quit-hook'.  This is a good
>      place to do various cleanups, such as deleting the variant buffers.
>      Ediff provides a function, 'ediff-janitor', as one such possible
>      hook, which you can add to 'ediff-cleanup-hook' with 'add-hook'.
> However, ediff-cleanup-hook is a normal hook, and ediff-janitor is a
> function taking two required arguments, so it cannot be added to
> ediff-cleanup-hook.  The manual should e.g. state that a lambda wrapping
> ediff-janitor can be added to ediff-cleanup-hook, but not ediff-janitor
> itself.

It seems the doc hasn't been updated in the past 14 years.
Before 50a07e1, there was a single optional argument.
You might be one of the few users of this functionality, so maybe you
would like to fix the doc yourself?

I don't use it myself, but I got a report from a colleague who interpreted the manual such that you could add ediff-janitor directly to the hook with add-hook. I've attached a patch to clarify this. I'll push it to emacs-25 in a few days until there are complaints. 

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