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bug#25163: 26.0.50; Unable to access `user-emacs-directory' (~/.emacs.d/

From: npostavs
Subject: bug#25163: 26.0.50; Unable to access `user-emacs-directory' (~/.emacs.d/)
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2016 23:24:06 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/25.1 (gnu/linux)

Richard Kim <address@hidden> writes:

> My build of emacs 26 (git repo version 25a52ca of 2016/12/10)
> starts up with the following warning:
>   Warning (initialization): Unable to access `user-emacs-directory' 
> (~/.emacs.d/).
>   Any data that would normally be written there may be lost!
>   If you never want to see this message again,
>   customize the variable `user-emacs-directory-warning'.
> This is despite setting the variable as suggested to suppress such warning.
> I think this warning should not be printed.
> Emacs is started like this:
>   chmod 0 ~/.emacs.d
>   ~/opt/emacs26/bin/emacs -q \
>     --eval '(setq user-emacs-directory (expand-file-name "~/elisp/"))' \
>     --eval '(setq user-emacs-directory-warning nil)'
> Emacs 25 (git repo build of emacs-25 branch) started the same way does
> not print this warning.

I see the same in Emacs 25, 24.5, and 24.4; 24.3 just prints a "File
exists" message.  Looks like the problem is that locate-user-emacs-file
(and thus the check for the warning) is called before any customizations
(or --eval args) are executed.  Here's a backtrace I got by putting
(debug) inside locate-user-emacs-file, just before the `display-warning'

Debugger entered: nil
  locate-user-emacs-file("abbrev_defs" ".abbrev_defs")
  #[0 "\300\301\302\"\207" [locate-user-emacs-file "abbrev_defs" 
".abbrev_defs"] 3]()
  funcall(#[0 "\300\301\302\"\207" [locate-user-emacs-file "abbrev_defs" 
".abbrev_defs"] 3])
  eval((funcall (function #[0 "\300\301\302\"\207" [locate-user-emacs-file 
"abbrev_defs" ".abbrev_defs"] 3])))
  mapc(custom-reevaluate-setting (temporary-file-directory transient-mark-mode 
small-temporary-file-directory auto-save-file-name-transforms 
remote-shell-program Info-default-directory-list rmail-spool-directory 
abbrev-file-name auto-encryption-mode blink-cursor-mode tutorial-directory 
global-font-lock-mode file-name-shadow-mode query-replace-from-to-separator 
image-load-path mouse-wheel-mode electric-indent-mode electric-quote-mode 
global-eldoc-mode tooltip-mode))

Perhaps the warning could be delayed until after init time?

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