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bug#24901: Patch updated slightly

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: bug#24901: Patch updated slightly
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2016 15:40:58 +0000

On 2 December 2016 at 15:26, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:

I see, thanks.  Is it certain that users won't want straight quotes,
but not the curly ones?  E.g., in some programming mode, perhaps?

​I don't think this is a problem, because in that case, the user won't type curly quotes. If the left curly quote (single or double) were widely used on its own in a programming language, that would be a problem, but I don't think it is.

The reason I added the curly quotes to electric-pair-pairs as well as electric-pair-text-pairs is because the latter is only used in comments, and so would not be available in text-mode, where curly quotes are useful.
So electric-pair-mode is incompatible with RTL scripts.  Too bad.

It seems to work for me: if I select a Hebrew keyboard layout, type some Hebrew letters, and then use double straight quotes, I get the expected result. If I use curly quotes, I get a different result, but perhaps that it because it implicitly changes the writing direction? I didn't get as far as trying to configure electric-pair-mode to understand Hebrew quotation marks. 

I guess I should have said "open" and "close" rather than "left" and "right".

If you're happy with my argument above about programming languages, I'll install the change.


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