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bug#23377: 25.0.93; Completion is extremely slow for insert-char

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: bug#23377: 25.0.93; Completion is extremely slow for insert-char
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 09:26:49 +0300

> From: address@hidden (N. Jackson)
> Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 21:25:28 -0300
> emacs -Q
> C-x 8 RET TAB
> This takes over a minute on my Emacs before the completions buffer is
> displayed listing the characters. (On subsequent invocations, it's more
> like eight seconds.) On Emacs 24 it is effectively instantaneous.

It takes 11 sec here on the first invocation, and is instantaneous

> There seems to have been a change whereby the character is shown besides
> it's name. This might be a very nice feature, except that it's too slow,
> and it seems a bit of a waste because a large proportion of the
> characters are unavailable and are shown as little boxes with tiny
> numbers inside.

If you install additional fonts, the feature will not be wasted, I

> Perhaps there should be a way to turn this feature off? (I don't see
> anything about insert-char in NEWS.)

Yes, an option to turn this off is a good idea, I think.

> By the way, yes, this is the way I usually use this command. I hit TAB
> immediately to get a full list of characters and then `C-x o C-x 1'
> because I don't use special characters often enough to remember their
> names and I need to get thoroughly immersed in the whole list to see the
> naming patterns again and jog my memory.

That doesn't really work for me, FWIW.  For example, try deciding
which quotation character do you need by typing


If you don't see each character, you will be lost (I am).

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