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bug#23254: 25.0.90; substitute-command-keys does not preserve text prope

From: Clément Pit--Claudel
Subject: bug#23254: 25.0.90; substitute-command-keys does not preserve text properties
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2016 14:58:29 -0400
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In Emacs 25, substitute-command-keys removes text properties of strings 
containing quotes:

> In Emacs 25:
(substitute-command-keys (propertize "`a'" 'prop 'val))

> In Emacs 24.5:
(substitute-command-keys (propertize "`a'" 'prop 'val))
#("`a'" 0 3 (prop val))

As Eli pointed out on the mailing list,

> Anything that is substituted has its test properties removed:
>   (substitute-command-keys (propertize "\\[forward-char]" 'prop 'val))
>    => "C-f"
> The above is from Emacs 24.5.
> I think patches are welcome to reinstate the properties.

This is an issue in particular for docstrings:

(defcustom my/pretty/set/option nil
  "Demo text properties in customize."
  :group 'emacs
  :type `(set (const :tag ,(concat (propertize "Title of option 1 (bold on both 
24.5 and 25)" 'face '(:weight bold))
                                   "\n   "
                                   (propertize "Docs of option 1, in a smaller 
font on both 24.5 and 25." 'face '(:height 0.9))))
              (const :tag ,(concat (propertize "Title of option 2 (`bold' on 
24.5 but not 25)" 'face '(:weight bold))
                                   "\n   "
                                   (propertize "Docs of option 2, in a smaller 
font on 24.5, but not 25." 'face '(:height 0.9))))))

This example uses text properties on `:tag's to make the customize buffer more 
readable. This works fine in GNU Emacs 24.5, but it stopped working on master 
(and emacs-25), because of substitute-command-keys replacing quotes and as a 
side effect dropping text properties.


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