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bug#23179: 25.0.92; Restore `M-,' to continue etags search

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: bug#23179: 25.0.92; Restore `M-,' to continue etags search
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2016 18:12:25 +0300

> Cc: address@hidden, Anders Lindgren <address@hidden>
> From: Dmitry Gutov <address@hidden>
> Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 19:53:44 +0300
> On 04/04/2016 06:49 PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> >> I only want the xref UI to be displayed when doing commands like 
> >> `find-all-occurences' etc. When doing a
> >> plain search, there is no need for it.
> >
> > Dmitry, is the patch below okay with you?  Any comments?  (I will add
> > documentation if this is acceptable.)
> First, it would take effect in both xref-find-definitions and 
> xref-find-references, whereas Anders said that he wants that UI only for 
> the former, IIUC.

Anders, is that so?  If so, can you tell with which commands you'd
like to see the UI and with which not to see it, and why?

> Second, I'd rather you instead create a new separate function to set 
> xref-show-xrefs-function to.
> For now, you can copy the definition of xref--show-xref-buffer and 
> modify it not to show the buffer. That will make it easier to make 
> independent changes in that new UI. As well as make it easier for me to 
> disclaim the responsibility for it (sorry).

I hope you are joking.  Since when does anyone need to disclaim
responsibility for some code?  And even if someone does, "git blame"
will blame the guilty parties right away.

Copying a function only to change a line or two sounds extreme to me.

> Go ahead if Anders likes it, but personally I don't see a lot of point, 
> at least as long as the user still has to wait until all results are 
> fetched.

The point is to be able to tell people who, like Anders, don't want to
see the UI to use the option to get what they want, instead of arguing
with them trying to convince them that the UI is for their best.

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