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bug#23169: 24.5; Inconsistent text reflow in man pages depending on wind

From: Lluís
Subject: bug#23169: 24.5; Inconsistent text reflow in man pages depending on window configuration
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2016 17:13:55 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii writes:

>> From: Lluís <address@hidden>
>> Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:15:15 +0200
>> Before the man process is started, "Man-start-calling" calculates the 
>> envvar using "window-width" before splitting windows. The window split 
>> happens
>> later once the process finishes, and the buffer is shown through
>> "Man-notify-when-ready".
>> Assuming the buffer is going to be shown on a vertical split, the text will 
>> go
>> beyond the window limits if there was no other window in the frame (or if a 
>> new
>> window is used), or will be reflowed with the proper width if an existing 
>> window
>> is reused.
>> Manually calling "Man-update-manpage" fixes it, but it's annoying. Simply 
>> adding
>> a call to "Man-update-manpage" in "Man-notify-when-ready" would fix it
>> ("(with-current-buffer man-buffer (Man-update-manpage))" in the "friendly" 
>> case
>> for me).
>> As a bonus, this fix also reflows the text when an existing buffer is reused.

> Maybe I'm missing something, but won't your suggestion effectively
> replace the background rendering of man pages with fully synchronous
> one?

Oh, that's true.

> The usual way to fix these problems is to set Man-width to a non-nil
> value, as appropriate for your frame/window dimensions.  Would that
> solve the problem for you?

Thing is I don't know the width of the window that will be used, since in some
cases it does not exist yet:

  +-----+                   +--+--+
  |     |                   |  |  |
  |     | -> M-x man man -> |  |  |
  |     |                   |  |  |
  +-----+                   +--+--+

The ideal without breaking the asynchronicity would be to somehow display the
new buffer on a window before populating it (display-buffer might or might not
reuse a window here), calculate its window's width, set COLUMNS, asynchronously
call man to populate the buffer, and then really show the buffer on the previous

The only problem is that creating a temporary window just to calculate its width
could annoy people because the contents won't be shown yet.


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