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bug#23179: 25.0.92; Restore `M-,' to continue etags search

From: Anders Lindgren
Subject: bug#23179: 25.0.92; Restore `M-,' to continue etags search
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2016 12:35:22 +0200

 * Restore `M-,' to allow continuing the last tags command. (Of course,
this doesn't have to be `tags-loop-continue', it could also be an
equivalent xref command, should one exist.)

There's no such command.

Then, how do you search through a set of files using `xref'? Is that even possible?

If you use `find-tag' often, you've probably rebound `M-.', and doing the same with `M-,' in your personal init file shouldn't be a problem.

No, I haven't rebound `M-.', the default binding (`xref-find-definitions') works perfectly well. For me, personally, it would not be a problem to rebind `M-,' (After using Emacs for 25 years, I could teach it to dance if I wanted to).

The problem is that we should provide a decent default value for the rest of the world. Currently, there are no suitable key binding to continue a tags search, and the built-in documentation doesn't offer any help.

 * Bind `xref-pop-marker-stack' to another location, say, `C-x M-.',
alternatively make `C-u M-.' pop the state. (This is modeled after the
key binding used to pop the mark.)

That sounds much less convenient than the current binding.

It all boils down to which commands should get access to the premium key bindings. I don't think `xref-pop-marker-stack' qualifies, if it means that continuing a tags search no longer has a key.

Of course, if you feel otherwise, you can always bind it in you personal init file.

    -- Anders

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