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bug#22799: [PATCH] Unit tests for `forward-sexp' and related commands

From: Aaron S. Hawley
Subject: bug#22799: [PATCH] Unit tests for `forward-sexp' and related commands
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 10:40:47 -0500

I apologize.  I was trying to contribute unit tests while bypassing the build 

I am able to verify that it works in the test harness, now, and will submit a 
new patch under a separate cover.

$ make -C test lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp-tests
make[2]: `lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp-tests.elc' is up to date.
Testing lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp-tests.elc
Running 20 tests (2016-02-25 10:28:47-0500)
   passed   1/20  lisp-backward-sexp-1-empty-parens
   passed   2/20  lisp-backward-sexp-1-eobp
   passed   3/20  lisp-backward-sexp-1-error-mismatch
   passed   4/20  lisp-backward-sexp-2-bobp
   passed   5/20  lisp-backward-sexp-2-bobp-and-subsequent
   passed   6/20  lisp-delete-pair-parens
   passed   7/20  lisp-delete-pair-quotation-marks
   passed   8/20  lisp-delete-pair-quotes-in-text-mode
   passed   9/20  lisp-delete-pair-quotes-text-mode-syntax-table
   passed  10/20  lisp-forward-sexp-1-empty-parens
   passed  11/20  lisp-forward-sexp-1-eobp
   passed  12/20  lisp-forward-sexp-1-error-mismatch
   passed  13/20  lisp-forward-sexp-2-eobp
   passed  14/20  lisp-forward-sexp-2-eobp-and-subsequent
   passed  15/20  lisp-forward-sexp-elisp-inside-symbol
   passed  16/20  lisp-forward-sexp-elisp-quoted-symbol
   passed  17/20  lisp-forward-sexp-emacs-lisp-quote-char
   passed  18/20  lisp-forward-sexp-emacs-lisp-semi-char-error
   passed  19/20  lisp-forward-sexp-python-triple-quoted-string
   passed  20/20  lisp-forward-sexp-python-triple-quotes-string

Ran 20 tests, 20 results as expected (2016-02-25 10:28:47-0500)

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