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From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#18268:
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 23:21:43 +1100
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Carlos Pita <address@hidden> writes:

> The following is a simpler and more correct patch that also lets the
> user (final user or major mode developer) control whether the submenus
> are sorted or kept on top. The guiding idea is that there is two major
> ways to offer an imenu, according to the mode:
> 1) Some modes show a hierarchy of language objects. For example:
> python-mode will show class/method, function/nested function, etc.
> relationships; org-mode will show section/subsection/subsubsection/...
> hierarchies. In these cases keeping the submenus on top is not
> adequate since it creates an artificial split of the list.
> 2) Some modes show top level submenus with fixed categories
> (Functions, Classes, Variables, etc). These modes will presumably want
> to keep the submenus on top and sorted in the order they were given.
> 3) Other modes would not fit either (1) or (2). Then, there is always
> the possibility of turning off sorting and provide the menu structure
> as is.
> Regards
> --
> Carlos
> 156a157,161
>> (defcustom imenu-sort-submenus nil
>>   "Non-nil means Imenu should sort submenus also (using 
>> imenu-sort-function)."
>>   :type 'boolean
>>   :group 'imenu)

Could you resubmit this as a context patch instead of a "raw" patch?

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