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bug#22743: 25.0.91: set-quit-char does not work if emacs lacks a control

From: Duncan Burke
Subject: bug#22743: 25.0.91: set-quit-char does not work if emacs lacks a controlling tty
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2016 22:48:28 +1100
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On 20/02/16 19:04, John Wiegley wrote:
Duncan Burke <address@hidden> writes:
I have heavily customised keybindings on a dvorak layout and this
necessitates rebinding quit away from its default value of C-g.
Hi Duncan,

I'm also a Dvorak user of many years; I find C-g to be quite convenient,
actually; why did you need to rebind it?  (I ask mainly out of curiosity).

You're right, C-g is actually pretty convenient for Dvorak, I move it because
it conflicts with other bindings I've chosen.

I have C-h/t/n/s as backward-char, previous-line, next-line and forward char. Then, M-h/t/n/s are backward-word, backward-paragraph, forward-paragraph, and
forward-word. M-H/T/N/S continue this pattern, and C-M-h/t/n/s move between

Going up one row, the commands are the same except killing instead of movement so C-g/c/r/l are backward-delete-char, kill-previous-line, kill-next-line and

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