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bug#22566: 24.5; Make shift key translation a customizable feature

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: bug#22566: 24.5; Make shift key translation a customizable feature
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 07:31:32 -0500

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  > The other problem is that I've lately been adding support for shifted 
  > keys to my Linux console keymap. Emacs' shift translation has made my
  > debugging harder, because when I use the describe-key-briefly command to 
  > if emacs got a shifted function key right, it just reports something like
  > this: "<C-right> runs the command right-word" even though I pressed
  > <C-S-Right>. But when I open an org-file in org-mode and try the same key
  > combination, emacs now says: "<C-S-right> runs the command
  > org-shiftcontrolright".

You could give C-S-Right a definition (same as that of C-Right)
and that would turn off the translation.

                            Describe-key-briefly should at least report that it 
  > doing some translation. It already does this reporting for non-function 

I agree.

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