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bug#22172: 25.1.50; Wishlist: There should be a way to say to Emacs that

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#22172: 25.1.50; Wishlist: There should be a way to say to Emacs that is should rescale all images with a certain factor
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 00:18:52 +1100
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Michael Heerdegen <address@hidden> writes:

> I agree we should be careful.  Even using the keymap text property might
> be surprising.  E.g. when we chose + and -, these might already be bound
> (e.g. to `negative-argument' in image-mode itself!).

Well, the local keymap wins over the mode keymap.

> Let's start to find some suitable bindings for `image-mode'.  How about
> i and d ("increase", "decrease")?

I don't find image mode that interesting, actually.  I think images,
whenever displayed in Emacs, should offer ways of interacting.  Scaling,
of course, but also saving, for instance.  And rotation.

> In the general case, we could attach a keymap text property to any image
> we insert into a buffer.  The keymap should be a user option.  It could
> even be empty by default, at least for now.  That would already be a big
> win.

And thinking about it a bit more, I think we could probably afford to
grab some pretty basic keys for these commands.  If the user puts the
cursor on an image, I think it's very likely that the user wants to
interact with that image.  So we could bind keys like `-' and `+'.

Drag an image into a Message buffer, scale it, rotate it, and send the
message.  I think that sounds rather attractive...

Other modes that insert images today often also puts keymaps on images
(like eww does), but these could be derived from this new keymap.
Errr...  `image-map'.  Perhaps.

We can give it a try and see whether it's annoying or not in practice.
These UI things usually require a bit of usage to see whether they "feel
nice" or not.

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