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bug#22549: 25.0.50; Tooltips placed outside of screen limits

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#22549: 25.0.50; Tooltips placed outside of screen limits
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2016 16:55:39 +0100

> emacs -Q
> M-x toggle-frame-fullscreen
> Place the mouse pointer on some element of the mode line and wait for
> the tooltip. The tooltip frame is partially invisible because its top
> left coordinates are determined from the mouse pointer position and, as
> it is positioned near the bottom of the screen, there is no room left
> for the tooltip.
> A tooltip may also be partially hidden because it has no enough
> horizontal space when the mouse pointer is near the right edge of the
> screen.

I cannot reproduce this.  In any case the calculations for the x- and
y-position of the tooltip take into account the size of the tooltip and
the width and height of the display as can be easily seen from the code
of compute_tip_xy.  If you see any truncation of a tooltip at a certain
position, please step with GDB through the respective part of the code
to find out what happened.

> The MS Windows port places the tooltips taking into account the screen
> edges.

So does the Lucid port.  Something else must be at work here.


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