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bug#22539: 25.1.50; C-x o should switch to *Completions*

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#22539: 25.1.50; C-x o should switch to *Completions*
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2016 09:03:28 +0100

> 1) start Emacs with: emacs -Q -f find-file
> 2) press TAB two times so that the *Completions* buffer
>     becomes visible
> 3) press C-x o
> the window with the *scratch* buffer is selected.
> It would be more convenient if C-x o in step 3 would switch to the
> *Completions* buffer.

The basic idea behind C-x o is that it cycles through all live windows
before returning to the initially selected one.  We could, in your
special case, have ‘other-window’ select ‘other-window-for-scrolling’.
But if we do so, we have to face the dilemma that the next C-x o gets us
immediately back to the minibuffer window.  This means that all other
windows would get excluded from repeated invocations of C-x o.

So I'm afraid that I cannot offer a practicable solution for this :-(


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