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bug#18530: 24.3; Emacs unable to handle very large lines

From: Alexis
Subject: bug#18530: 24.3; Emacs unable to handle very large lines
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 20:10:45 +1000

Amit Barve writes:

> Thanks a lot Alexis for your reply!

You're welcome. :-)

> "toggle-truncate-lines" and "fil-paragraph" worked!!
> Though execution of both commands take a long time
> but after that I can move and edit very quickly!

Oh, well, i wasn't suggesting those commands as any kind of solution; i
just wanted to indicate what behaviours i observed when using those

> These commands work when emacs is opened with -nw option
> if I open emacs in GUI mode then line count is still shown as
> 'L??'

Hm, okay. In my own tests, above i was using Emacs in an X window, not
in a terminal ....

> Anyway thanks a lot! Now I can work with such big files!
> but I think this can still be considered as bug!
> because vim opens the file quite easily and without any
> modifications!

*nod* Yes, when i open test.txt in Vim, moving to the end of the line
with $, or to the beginning of the line with ^, both take less than a
second. And cursor movement with j, k etc. is basically
responsive. Whereas in Emacs, trying to move point up or down results in
20+ seconds of lag before point is actually moved.

As another data point: i tried disabling `visual-line-mode`, instead
loading longlines.el from EmacsWiki and enabling
`longlines-mode`. `longlines-mode` was /much/ more responsive - moving
point up, down, to beginning of line, or to end of line, all only had a
lag of 1-2 seconds.

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