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bug#18529: 24.4.50; gnus-asynchronous and long waits

From: Dmitry Antipov
Subject: bug#18529: 24.4.50; gnus-asynchronous and long waits
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:42:08 +0400
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On 09/22/2014 08:29 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:

I have gnus-asynchronous to t.

When I start reading a group -- I tried just now with
gmane.emacs.bugs -- I can read a single article just fine.
Then if I try to open the next article (say by typing "n"),
Emacs just pauses, saying:

     Waiting for async article...

I've waited several minutes before without it working.

If I C-g the wait, then try to read the chosen article again, it works.

At first I thought this was some issue with the network.
However, if I set gnus-asynchronous to nil, then everything works fine.

Try to set EMACS_IGNORE_TIMERFD=1 environment variable (see src/atimer.c
for details).


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