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bug#18444: 24.3.93; Error running timer 'compilation-auto-jump' from gre

From: Martin Apel
Subject: bug#18444: 24.3.93; Error running timer 'compilation-auto-jump' from grep-mode
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 09:06:26 +0200
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Hi Glenn,

thanks for the feedback. I think it used to work in older versions somehow, but anyway I found a workaround
by adding the following to my .init.el file:
(add-hook 'grep-mode-hook
            (kill-local-variable 'compilation-auto-jump-to-next))


On 10/09/14 21:09, Glenn Morris wrote:
Martin Apel wrote:

To reproduce the bug, perform the following steps:
emacs -Q
Customize compilation-auto-jump-to-first-error to enabled
M-x rgrep for an arbitrary string in an arbitrary directory
This results in the following error message:

Error running timer `compilation-auto-jump': (error "No grep hit here")
I think it has never worked, the only thing that is new is that the
error message from the timer is no longer silently discarded.
(Should that be mentioned in NEWS?)

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