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bug#18136: 24.4.50; crash in redisplay when calling load-theme

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#18136: 24.4.50; crash in redisplay when calling load-theme
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 19:36:00 +0200

>>   > No, we resize the frame and then redistribute the frame dimensions
>>   > between its windows.  When change_frame_size_1 is called with the same
>>   > dimensions as the current frame's dimensions, it simply does nothing
>>   > and returns.
>> change_frame_size_1 _always_ calls adjust_frame_size now.  And the later
>> does (almost) nothing only if the following condition holds:
>>     if (new_text_width == old_text_width
>>         && new_text_height == old_text_height
>>         && new_windows_width == old_windows_width
>>         && new_windows_height == old_windows_height
>>         && new_pixel_width == old_pixel_width
>>         && new_pixel_height == old_pixel_height)
>>       /* No change.  Sanitize window sizes and return.  */
> OK, but that's the moral equivalent of what I described (based on what
> the code did previously).  Right?

I'm not good in morals but if I remove the menubar and the "frame
dimensions" remain the same, the above conjunct does not hold because the
new text height is larger than the old one and the new windows height too.


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