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bug#18005: 24.4.50; In Emacs manual, tell users how to enter debugger fo

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: bug#18005: 24.4.50; In Emacs manual, tell users how to enter debugger for `user-error' errors
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2014 17:54:24 -0400

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    "The whole point" should be to _let_ users not be bothered entering
    the debugger for uninteresting errors.  That's reasonable behavior.
    *Enabling* that behavior is positive.  Forcing it would be
    counterproductive, as is not making clear what it is that controls it.

I agree.

    Not to mention the fact that what constitutes an "uninteresting
    error" is not something fixed once and for all for everyone.  It
    can change, depending on the context.  A user might well want to
    take a look under the covers using the debugger in some context.
    (The user who just now asked how to do it, for instance.)

I have several times wanted to enter the debugger because a
program triggered one of these errors which usually is caused by
bad user input.  So I used the feature to enable that.

There should continue to be a convenient feature to enable that.

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