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bug#17497: 24.4.50; TTY menu glitches

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#17497: 24.4.50; TTY menu glitches
Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 22:22:29 -0400
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

>> Also, if you revert revision 117033 on emacs-24 branch (or try with a
>> binary built before Apr 29, if you keep them), does the problem still
>> exist?

Reverting 117033: still glitchy.

> > > If so, perhaps you could produce a termscript for the same sequence of
> > > keypresses, just at that "normal" speed, so we could compare them. (If
> > > one of the termscripts has fewer keypresses than the other, it doesn't
> > > matter, as long as you press the same keys.)
> > 
> > You mean I can replace "lean on the down key, lean on the up key, lean
> > on the down key" with just "down, up, down"?
> Actually, something like 20 times down, then 20 times up would be
> better, I think.

OK, so in trying to do this, I have noticed it glitching when I press
the keys at normal speed. So I presume it's not useful to send you that
comparison after all.

See attached image and associated typescript.
In this case I think I just opened the menu-bar and pressed the down
arrow three times at normal speed.

FWIW, I could not make it happen on a RHEL 6.5 system at all.
But on a Debian testing system, it happens with multiple terminal emulators.

(I suspect this is going to be one of those things you need to be able
to reproduce to fix...)

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