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bug#16411: undo-only bugs

From: Barry OReilly
Subject: bug#16411: undo-only bugs
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 14:42:33 -0400

I have attached a patch against trunk which omits the generators,
changes the data format of pending-undo-list, and addresses other
comments. The undo-tests pass with this patch. As with the last
patch, it doesn't solve an actual bug yet, but that is

Since undo-tree uses primitive-undo, I think it must remain
compatible. To do this and not duplicate code, I split individual
element logic out to an undo-primitive-elt function and moved the
look ahead at marker adjustments to undo-more. Since the latter
is recent functionality, I doubt undo-tree relies on
primitive-undo doing that.

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