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bug#17598: Emacs pretest 24.3.91 - AIX - SIGSEV when customize

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#17598: Emacs pretest 24.3.91 - AIX - SIGSEV when customize
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 07:26:49 -0700
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Gilles PION wrote:
$ MALLOCTYPE=debug MALLOEBUG=validate_ptrs  ./emacs-24.3.91/src/temacs
--no-site-file  --no-init-file
Fatal error 11: Segmentation violationMemory fault

Have you gone back to the 24.3.91 unexaix.c (with the short fix I sent you), or are you using the much bigger change I sent you later? For now I'll assume the former. Also, I assume you're still configuring with --enable-checking=all.

Unfortunately AIX uses the relocating allocator in ralloc.c, not the system malloc, so MALLOCTYPE and MALLOCDEBUG (misspelled above) aren't likely to be helpful. If you want to try the system malloc, please comment out "#define REL_ALLOC 1" in src/config.h, change "#undef SYSTEM_MALLOC" to "#define SYSTEM_MALLOC 1" in the same file, and comment out "RALLOC_OBJ=ralloc.o" in src/Makefile (though now of course we're debugging a different program....).

Also, did you actually use "MALLOEBUG"?  That looks like a typo.

Once you've fixed the above, how about this?

MALLOCTYPE=debug MALLOCDEBUG=postfree_checking,validate_ptrs,stack_depth:1000 ./temacs -Q

or this?

gdb temacs
(gdb) set env MALLOCTYPE debug
(gdb) set env MALLOCDEBUG postfree_checking,validate_ptrs,stack_depth:200
(gdb) run -Q

Please also try with the "-nw" option, e.g., "./temacs -Q -nw" or "run -Q -nw".

A couple of issues that may or may not be related. On my AIX 7 host I have to configure --with-jpeg=no --with-png=no --with-gif=no --with-tiff=no because those libraries are not installed. On my platform pkg-config dumps core (don't know why) so I'm not using any of the fancy libraries you're probably using. This (along with the fact that I can't run X) makes it hard for me to reproduce the problem.

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