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bug#17603: Emacs enhancement request

From: Danny Nguyen
Subject: bug#17603: Emacs enhancement request
Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 12:44:31 -0700

Hi Emacs support team,

I am an avid user of GNU Emacs and I love using Tex mode to write my documents. However one of the features that I find lacking in Emacs is auto-complete. By that I don't mean the common feature found in other IDE for programmers but the following. Suppose I already typed up a formula

\int_{\mathbb{R}} e^{2 \pi i x^2} dx = 1

And after paragraph or so I want to repeat the same thing all over again (and maybe modify x to y). Of course I can search+save region+yank but that's too manual. What I wish to have is if I typed \int and then invoked the auto-complete command, Emacs would move the point to the previous instance of \int and allow me to mark a region around it. After marking I could hit Enter and Emacs would copy the highlighted part and put it to the partially completed \int below. I also want to be able to cycle through previous instances of \int with the up and down arrow keys, much like using isearch.

This could be also useful outside the scope of Tex mode. I realize this sounds more like a minor mode rather than a macro. 


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