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bug#17575: 24.3.91; utf-8 coding system for etc/NEWS

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#17575: 24.3.91; utf-8 coding system for etc/NEWS
Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 15:37:16 -0700
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Thanks, I fixed that in emacs-24 bzr 117150, along with four other instances of the same problem that I found, and am marking this bug as done.

I didn't adjust files taken from Gnulib, though, as it's not worth the hassle of maintaining a separate version of these files just for this reason. (The Gnulib folks switched to UTF-8 source code long ago and aren't looking back.) So you'll still see a problem with reading Andreas Gr├╝nbacher's name in the comments in lib/qcopy-acl.c, lib/acl-internal.h, and lib/file-has-acl.c.

Also, there are two tiny ASCII-only files (doc/misc/gnus-overrides.texi, nextstep/Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/PkgInfo) which Emacs in a Latin-9 locale for some reason decides should be iso-latin-9 rather than utf-8. I dunno why that would be, but I assume you won't be editing those files so it should be OK.

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