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bug#17581: A couple of suggestions for etc/TODO

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#17581: A couple of suggestions for etc/TODO
Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 16:46:41 -0400
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> 1. ECB is now part of CEDET, which in turn is installed in Emacs, so it can
> be removed from the list of packages to install (search for "ECB").

AFAICT ECB is not yet in Emacs.  Maybe it's just a matter of sync'ing
with the upstream CEDET, in which case, I suggest we try and sync ASAP
and then we can remove this entry indeed.

> 2. The suggestion for "Save undo information" could say to use undo-tree,
> which already does that.

Sounds good.

> According to undo-tree.el, it's already copyright the FSF, but it also
> says it's part of Emacs, which is surely false.

`undo-tree' is in GNU ELPA, and GNU ELPA packages are kind of half-way
between being part of Emacs and not being part of it (e.g. for copyright
purposes we consider them part of Emacs, i.e. a copyright assignment for
Emacs changes is accepted as covering changes in GNU ELPA).

So some packages in GNU ELPA say "part of Emacs", others say "not part
of Emacs", and I think they're both right and wrong.


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