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bug#17542: python.el and ipython

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#17542: python.el and ipython
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 21:00:08 -0400
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> I'm trying to set up the python-mode (python.el) to use ipython as the
> interactive shell. I've added the folloging lines in my .emacs file:

> (require 'python)
> (setq
>  python-shell-interpreter "C:/Python27/python.exe"
>  python-shell-interpreter-args
>    "-i C:/Python27/Scripts/ipython-script.py console --matplotlib=tk"
>  ;; python-shell-interpreter-args
>  ;;   "-i C:/Python27/Scripts/ipython-script.py console --matplotlib=qt"
>  python-shell-prompt-regexp "In \\[[0-9]+\\]: "
>  python-shell-prompt-output-regexp "Out\\[[0-9]+\\]: "
>  python-shell-completion-setup-code
>    "from IPython.core.completerlib import module_completion"
>  python-shell-completion-module-string-code
>    "';'.join(module_completion('''%s'''))\n"
>  python-shell-completion-string-code
>    "';'.join(get_ipython().Completer.all_completions('''%s'''))\n")

Do you really need all that to use IPython?  Can't we make it simpler?


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