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bug#17497: 24.4.50; TTY menu glitches

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: bug#17497: 24.4.50; TTY menu glitches
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 20:37:48 +0300

> Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 16:26:25 +0400
> From: Dmitry Antipov <address@hidden>
> Now I'm seeing two TTY menu glitches:
> 0) Double-"selected" item (actually selected item on this screenshot
>     is "New Window Below").
> 1) Out-of-menu "--" draw combined with incorrect help text in echo area.
> $TERM is rxvt-unicode (version 9.20), if that matters.

Any hope of a reproducible recipe?  I don't see this on the systems to
which I have access.

FWIW, this looks like a deja-vu of the phenomenon described in
As concluded (after a long discussion) in
we never actually understood why this happens.  Maybe try to play with
the size of your TTY window, and see if that changes anything.  Or
switch to xterm instead of rxvt.

Also, you could look into a termscript file to see whether Emacs
indeed wrote 2 lines with the red background in the first snapshot, or
wrote the "--" string at incorrect coordinates in the second.  The
discussion mentioned above concluded that perfectly correct terminal
commands caused strange unexplained effects on the screen.

> System Description:     Fedora release 20 (Heisenbug)
On second thought, a system with that description is supposed to do
this, no?

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