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bug#17467: 24.3; locate-library returning spurious path

From: Alex Kosorukoff
Subject: bug#17467: 24.3; locate-library returning spurious path
Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 15:31:56 -0700

I think you are overlooking something. If I notice a random tramp.el in some unusual place, I will investigate it right away because I know .el files can be executed by emacs. I wouldn't do it for a random data file without extension or a compressed .gz archive unless they have executable permission for some unknown reason. Data files are created by many applications and it is concerning me as long as no program I frequently use will execute them randomly. You can say that data files should never be in the load-path of emacs and I will agree with you. However, I can see scenarios when this can happen unintentionally. It would be careless not to try to add a simple safeguard to prevent this kind of execution.

I did fix the proximal cause already, worked around this function and patched my emacs, so this bug doesn't affect me in any way now. Now I am trying hard to fix the root cause. This is why I reported this bug, shared my patches and addressed all valid concerns that were expressed here, even those that aren't that important for me personally. The most difficult part seems to be in persuading developers that this is an issue to be fixed. If I fail at this, I simply will be less confident in using emacs.

On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 2:19 PM, Glenn Morris <address@hidden> wrote:
Alex Kosorukoff wrote:

> It can cause user inconvenience or pose a security/privacy issue
> because a random file named "tramp" or "tramp.gz" placed in some
> directory of the load-path can be loaded instead of the standard
> library without user knowledge.

This argument does not fly, because if someone can write a "tramp" file
to a directory in your load-path, they can just as easily write
"tramp.el". Random files should not be being written to your load-path,
and you should not be adding inappropriate directories to that path.
Your immediate problem was having ~/.emacs.d in load-path.

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