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bug#17457: 24.4.50; REGRESSION: "Invalid font name: -outline-Lucida Cons

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#17457: 24.4.50; REGRESSION: "Invalid font name: -outline-Lucida Console-normal-normal-normal-mono"
Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 10:19:58 -0700 (PDT)

> There must be some other factor at work here, because I don't
> understand how you get your truncated spec.

Yes, sorry.  This is what I was doing, with var FONT as input:

 (let ((xlfd-regexp  "\\`\\(-[^-]*-[^-]*-[^-]*-[^-]*-[^-]*-[^-]*\\)\
   (or (not (string-match xlfd-regexp font))
       (setq font  (replace-match "\\1" nil nil font)))))

I truncated it because I am not interested in anything except the
first 6 fields of the XLFD string.  And previously, or so I thought,
`font-info' worked OK with such a truncated font spec.

(And - see below - I thought that allowed me to get font info for
some fonts that otherwise did not give info.  I did not realize that
`font-info' was in fact giving me incorrect info for those fonts.)

I then filtered out the case of a literal (string= font "-*-*-*-*-*-*"),
then passed the FONT to `font-info'.

I have fixed my code now so that the main feature works.  But `font-info'
still complains about some of the fonts I have.  I've wrapped the
`font-info' call in an `ignore-errors' to ignore that, but this means that
I cannot get font info for those few fonts.  So be it.

FYI, here are some problematic fonts.  It is no doubt the addition of
extra fields that makes them invalid.


All of those fonts seem to work OK outside of Emacs.  But yes, Emacs
now rejects them - this raises the same invalid font error:

M-x set-frame-font

Is Emacs doing the right thing here and other applications (e.g. Outlook)
are wrong?

If you see no bug wrt this, OK.  In any case, I will close the current bug.
Thanks for taking a look.

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