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bug#17401: 24.4.50; Narrow to {region,page,defun} in an indirect clone b

From: Phil Sainty
Subject: bug#17401: 24.4.50; Narrow to {region,page,defun} in an indirect clone buffer in the other window
Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 01:06:25 +1200
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On 8/05/2014 12:05, Lennart Borgman wrote:
> Here is my current version (which I think perhaps Phil can
> make something better of)

I was initially against the idea of naming the indirect buffer
according to the narrowed region, for the simple reason that the
name stops making sense as soon as you widen the buffer.

However, I expect that people are far less likely to widen these
buffers (as opposed to simply killing them); and this naming
approach would certainly be useful in the buffer list, so I think
it's a good idea after all.

I've also noticed there are some org-mode specific narrowing
commands as well, which should probably be supported. I did
consider whether we could support all existing narrowing commands
automagically with some trickery, but I concluded that the only
approach I could think of was too convoluted and brittle for its
own good, so I think simply adding a new function alongside each
existing one is still the most practical way to go.

Do we want both a `narrow-to-*-indirect' and an `...-other-window'
variant for each case? I think the latter works very nicely with
the C-x 4 n prefix (as per the initial patch), but I can see the
utility in providing both functions.


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