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bug#17395: GC during idle time becomes fatal

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: bug#17395: GC during idle time becomes fatal
Date: Mon, 05 May 2014 02:59:03 -0400

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    IOW, the problem is not that the GC is taking longer but that the memory
    is filling up with many Lisp objects.  You can try M-x profiler-start
    RET mem RET ... use Emacs for a while ... M-x profiler-report.

I have tried this.  I can't understand the answers, though.  I did
profiler-report several times, and each time it displays more than a
meg.  Once it reported over 7 meg.

I did it in a session where I did real work, and got this:

    + redisplay_internal (C function)                          29,776,412   0%
      tooltip-hide                                              8,215,721   0%
    + timer-event-handler                                         336,066   0%
    + compilation-sentinel                                        333,520   0%
    + isearch-pre-command-hook                                    262,144   0%
      internal-timer-start-idle                                   140,161   0%
      undefined                                                   131,072   0%
    + compilation-filter                                           26,200   0%
      clear-transient-map                                           4,120   0%
    + clear-transient-map                                           1,040   0%
    + clear-transient-map                                           1,040   0%
      ...                                                               0   0%
    + command-execute                                          -452333584   0%

But the problem had not happened.

    You can also try the install memory-usage (from GNU ELPA)


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