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bug#17237: 24.3.50; Hang with X11 + emacsclient

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#17237: 24.3.50; Hang with X11 + emacsclient
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 11:12:06 +0200
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2014-04-11 02:48, Aaron Ecay skrev:

I observe strange hangs when using org-protocol via emacsclient, under
X11.  Recipe to reproduce:

1. emacs -Q (recent trunk version; I’ve been seeing the bug for several
    weeks if not longer)
2. M-x server-start
3. touch ~/test

If I invoke the following command from a shell on the same X11 virtual
desktop as emacs, it works fine:

emacsclient ~/test

However, if I invoke the same command from a terminal on another
desktop, the CPU usage spikes of both emacs (to ~50%) and the X server
process (to ~85%), as visible in top.  emacsclient prints "Waiting for
Emacs..." to the terminal, and does not exit.

XMonad does not make the Emacs frame visible, so Emacs gets stuck in an endless loop. Many other wm:s change the desktop to the desktop where Emacs is, but XMonad does not. Possible we could force that with some EWMH-hints, but the XMonad documentation suggests that a user may configure XMonad to ignore those anyway.

Se the best we can do is to prevent the endless loop. I have checked in a fix in the emacs-24 branch.

        Jan D.

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