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bug#16434: bug#16694: bugs #16694/#16378: Patches

From: Matthias Dahl
Subject: bug#16434: bug#16694: bugs #16694/#16378: Patches
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 17:04:19 +0200
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Hello @all...

Like promised, attached revised versions of my first three patches which
had a nasty and very embarrassing bug/brain-fart as well as a potential
fix for bug #16434.

I'd appreciate testing and any feedback, so that we (as in who ever is
in charge and can do this) commit this for the pretest. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed...

So long,

Attachment: 0001-lisp-faces.el-Fix-application-of-X-resource-attribut.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0002-lisp-faces.el-Fix-empty-face-handling.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0003-lisp-faces.el-Centralize-no-init-from-x-resources-ch.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0004-lisp-faces.el-Fix-reverse-video-for-X-window-system.patch
Description: Text Data

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