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bug#17160: BUG: ede-emacs-version: Search failed: "AC_INIT(emacs, \\s-*\

From: 孙林
Subject: bug#17160: BUG: ede-emacs-version: Search failed: "AC_INIT(emacs, \\s-*\\([0-9.]+\\)\\s-*)"
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 07:51:06 +0000

Hi Pals:


I get an error message while open emacs source tree,


ede-emacs-version: Search failed: "AC_INIT(emacs,\\s-*\\([0-9.]+\\)\\s-*)"


And I notice that the recently “configure.ac” change,

-AC_INIT(emacs, 24.3.50, address@hidden)

+AC_INIT(GNU Emacs, 24.4.50, address@hidden)


This change make `ede-emacs-version’ failed.

Please check this. Thank you.


Best Regards


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