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bug#16546: C-s vs. whitespace highlighting

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: bug#16546: C-s vs. whitespace highlighting
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 10:55:09 +0100

> This means that when the user types ` +' then `search-whitespace-regexp'
> is ignored.  I think the same should be implemented for a non-regexp search
> as well, so typing `   ' will transform the input to ` +' and ignored.

Just one comment, regarding the "transform" part:

IMO, Emacs should refrain from making permanent changes to the search
string, as given by the user.  IOW, the search string should be kept
untouched, and any transformations of it should be done "on the fly"
to achieve the intended behavior, based on both the _current_ search
string and the _current_ user options that govern the search behavior.

That way, if/when either the search string or the user options
changes, Emacs will be able to exhibit the expected behavior.

But currently, there are cases where the original search string is
lost (e.g. "C-s C-y" when the "yanked" text contains uppercase letters
and case-fold-search is non-nil).

For concrete use-cases related to this, see bugs #13480 or #10118.

Dani Moncayo

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