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bug#16487: emacs source and a particular commit

From: Jonathan Payne
Subject: bug#16487: emacs source and a particular commit
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 21:09:40 +0000

I was recently involved in a discussion entitled:

        bug#15946: 24.3; Mac OS X, Mavericks, distnoted process

From this I learned that there are nightlies available from emacsformacosx.com 
and I was able to download one and discover that the memory leak has been fixed.

Unfortunately I discovered that emacs has changed a lot and in particular I am 
unable to use nxhtml and mumamo packages to edit JavaScript inside a django 
template anymore. One error after another. Clearly some LISP apis have changed.

So what I want to do is find the fix for the memory leak and apply it to emacs 
24.3.1 so I can have my memory leak fix without losing functionality I cannot 
live without.

So does anybody have any advice? I have cloned a git repository from here:


but searching the commits and tags has not yielded 24.3.1 for me. When was 
24.3.1 released?

Once I get THAT commit I need to find the other one with the macosx fix that 
was blowing up both emacs AND distnoted.



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