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bug#16455: 24.3; (Emacs Info) h command behaves like H command

From: N. Jackson
Subject: bug#16455: 24.3; (Emacs Info) h command behaves like H command
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 16:45:26 -0400

On 2014-01-15 13:09, Glenn Morris wrote:
> Hmm, yet the info page for info says:
>     If you are new to the Info reader and want to learn how to use it,
>     type the command `h' now.  It brings you to a programmed instruction
>     sequence.

Indeed, from the command line the command "info info" pulls up a node
containing this exact text. However pressing H brings up the tutorial
whereas pressing h actually brings up the help page with the keyboard
commands that is promised by the man page and which I'm also trying
to get to by pressing h in the Emacs Info viewer.

This incredibly useful page (it is identified in the status line as
"Info: *Info Help*") begins:

   Basic Info command keys
   x           Close this help window.
   q           Quit Info altogether.
   H           Invoke the Info tutorial.
   Up          Move up one line.
   Down        Move down one line.
   DEL         Scroll backward one screenful.
   SPC         Scroll forward one screenful.
   Home        Go to the beginning of this node.
   End         Go to the end of this node.
   TAB         Skip to the next hypertext link.
   RET         Follow the hypertext link under the cursor.
   l           Go back to the last node seen in this window.
   [           Go to the previous node in the document.
   ]           Go to the next node in the document.
   p           Go to the previous node on this level.
   n           Go to the next node on this level.
   u           Go up one level.
   t           Go to the top node of this document.
   d           Go to the main `directory' node.
   1...9       Pick the first...ninth item in this node's menu.
   0           Pick the last item in this node's menu.
   m           Pick a menu item specified by name.
   r           Follow a cross reference specified by name.
   g           Go to a node specified by name.
   s           Search forward for a specified string.
   {           Search for previous occurrence.
   }           Search for next occurrence.
   i           Search for a specified string in the index, and
                 select the node referenced by the first entry found.
   I           Synthesize menu of matching index entries.
   C-g         Cancel the current operation.
Note the

   H           Invoke the Info tutorial.

And also much further down the list of keys, it says (under the
heading "Commands available in Info windows:")

   H       (get-info-help-node)Visit Info node `(info)Help'


   h       (get-help-window)Display help message

Clearly there are inconsistencies / documentation bugs in Info.

As far as Emacs goes though, if h rather than H is *intended* to bring
up the tutorial (which it does), then there is not an Emacs bug here,
unless there is no way to get to the list of keyboard commands (which
is arguably *the* most important page in the Info documentation). Would
it not seem to be a flaw in the Emacs Info viewer if it is not easy to
get to this information, and obvious how to do so?

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