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bug#8756: 23.3; vc-git.el doesn't use --follow argument in vc-git-print-

From: Steinar Bang
Subject: bug#8756: 23.3; vc-git.el doesn't use --follow argument in vc-git-print-log
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 11:45:37 +0100
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>>>>> Steinar Bang <address@hidden>:
>>>>> Dan Nicolaescu <address@hidden>:

>> IMO the ideal solution is to get git to put the sha1/path info in the
>> log output, then vc can read it from there and do whatever is needed.
>> Is it possible to do that using the "format" argument to git log?

> Where do you want the path? I'm assuming in the line following the
> sha1 and with as little clutter as possible (no extra blank lines, no
> stuff on that line, except for the path)?

I path isn't in available in the format specification:
(Note: I will be happy to be proven wrong here)

As far as I can tell the file name lives "outside" of the normal git-log
output and is tacked on at the end with an extra blank line as a
separator, when you do --name-only.

So the best way to achive what you want, if you don't like the clutter
added by the extra blank line, and the visually ambigious presentation
of putting it close to the next commit, would be to do the log with
 git log --follow --name-only
and then hide the two lines before each "commit " line, except for the
first, and also hide the two last lines of the output.

I would probably be a good idea to create the sha1/path alist when doing
the folding.

Maybe it would be better, and simpler (and faster...?, to just strip the
path and the blank line, and put the information only into the alist?
The path isn't needed, or even desired, visually...?

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