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bug#16346: 24.3; electric-pair-mode close-paren issue

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#16346: 24.3; electric-pair-mode close-paren issue
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2014 11:12:47 -0500
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> The idea behind eldoc-post-insert-mode is not to show the eldoc messages
> all the time which can be kinda distracting. Some editing environments
> (maybe Matlab) also only show the arglist after inserting (.

But you can get the same result with suitable use of eldoc-remove-command.

> In general I find the arglist (eldoc) most useful when editing text.

Agreed.  But I usually need it *just before* typing.  IOW, I navigate to
the point where I want to write, then look at the eldoc info, then start
typing.  Sometimes the navigation is not in eldoc-message-commands, so
I need to do something like "C-b C-f" to get eldoc to come up, but with
eldoc-post-insert-mode it's worse, because the obvious "equivalent" of
"SPC DEL" does not end with a self-insert so I need to do SPC, then read
eldoc, then DEL which I find even more annoying.

> Also getting the arglist can be expensive. For example in octave it has
> to ask the running process (which can get stuck when the process is in
> the middle of doing something else). In other cases it has to make
> remote calls.

Not sure why that's relevant.


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