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bug#16389: Typo in GNU Emacs Manual, 17th Edition, v.24.2

From: Chrissie Himes
Subject: bug#16389: Typo in GNU Emacs Manual, 17th Edition, v.24.2
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2014 12:31:45 -0500
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Hello, I don't know if you were notified on this yet, but I received an
email about a typo in the emacs manual. Here is the email. Please let me
know if this is the right email address, and if this has been resolved.



I have noticed the following typo in your manual:

Page 150, the last paragraph in Introductory Section of "Using Multiple
Buffers Chapter"
The superscripts are not displayed properly:

1. minimum buffer size is 2^61 -2, should be 2^{61}-2
2. is usually 2^29 -2 should be 2^{29} -2

The typo presents in both electronic copy and printed copy of
GNU Emacs Manual, 17th Edition, v. 24.2



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