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bug#16292: 24.3.50; info docs now contain single straight quotes instead

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#16292: 24.3.50; info docs now contain single straight quotes instead of `'
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2014 12:24:05 -0800 (PST)

> > Better would be to leave the files alone, and build the next
> > Emacs tarball with Texinfo 4.
> I don't mind to use Texinfo 4, if there are no objections.  It
> would solve the problem that matters to me.

But not the problem that matters to the OP and other users in a
similar situation.

The OP uses Debian and emacs-snapshot.  From the original report
(to me, but same OP):


I use debian linux and I have emacs23, emacs24 andd emacs-snapsho
installed.  They all come with their respective info files.  The info
files from emacs23 and emacs24 use `' as delimiters, the info file
from emacs-snapshot uses ''.

While the info files from emacs23 and emacs24 were generated with
makeinfo 4.13, the one from emacs-snapshot was generated with
makeinfo 5.2.  I don't know if this accounts for the difference.
ATM I building an emacs from development sources.  I have makeinfo
version 5.2 installed.  (...)

Aha the freshly built info file uses two straight single quotes,
as the ones shiped with emacs-snapshot.

The manual for makeinfo version 5.2 says:

     Normalized encoding name used for output files.  Should be a usable
     charset name in HTML, typically one of the preferred IANA encoding
     names.  By default, if an input encoding is set (typically through
     '@documentencoding' or 'INPUT_ENCODING_NAME'), this information is
     used to set the output encoding name.  If no input encoding is
     specified, the default output encoding name may be set by the
     output format.  In particular, the XML-based formats use 'utf-8'
     for 'OUTPUT_ENCODING_NAME' if the encoding is not otherwise
     specified.  *Note @documentencoding::.

And tada: there is no @documentencoding directive in Emacs Lisp
Intros texinfo file.


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