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bug#16315: Slow paste

From: Perry Smith
Subject: bug#16315: Slow paste
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 09:42:20 -0600


I have a Mac (10.8.5) running JollysFastVNC (1.48) viewing a RealVNC server 
(5.0.1) on AIX (6.1 TL08 SP03) running emacs (24.3).

When I copy from a Mac window and paste into emacs (yank), there is a long 
delay.  When I started seriously testing, it was always 5 seconds but I have 
memories that sometimes it was much longer.  I'm calling these memories "false" 
at this point.

I believe it started when emacs 24 was being developed but I'm not sure.  I 
know the issue existed in 24.2 and did not exist in emacs 23 that I was using 
but I don't recall which subversion that was.

I've turned on TRACE_SELECTION in xselect.c and I've also duplicated those 
macros in keyboard.c and process.c.  When I start emacs -q I get this output:

10748140: get_input_pending returning 0
10748140: last check: read_kdb=-1 NILP(wait_for_cell):1
10748140: get_input_pending returning 0
10748140: no_avail:0
10748140: pselect 2

followed by a half second pause.  This is the normal polling of the input (I 
guess its normal).  I go to a Mac window, select some text, then hit command-C 
to copy it into the cut buffer, then select the VNC window (where emacs is 
already the active window) and hit control-Y to paste.

I get:

10748140: get_input_pending returning 1
10748140: get_input_pending returning 1
10748140: Get selection UTF8_STRING, type _EMACS_TMP_
10748140:   Start waiting 5 secs for SelectionNotify
10748140: last check: read_kdb=0 NILP(wait_for_cell):0
10748140: Received SelectionNotify
10748140: get_input_pending returning 0
10748140: no_avail:0
10748140: pselect 2

followed by a 5 second pause, then I get

10748140:   Got event = 1
10748140: Reading selection data
10748140: Read 7 bytes from property _EMACS_TMP_
10748140:   Delete property _EMACS_TMP_

and then I see the text show up in the emacs window.  I *think* what is "wrong" 
here is in this case, get_input_pending is actually pulling the text out and 
via the SelectionNotify handler placing the text into reading_selection_reply 
but then returns zero because, at that point in time, there is no input to be 
read.  Thus this if test, is not true:

     if ((read_kbd || !NILP (wait_for_cell))
          && detect_input_pending ())

I'm thinking that after detect_input_pending is called in 
wait_reading_process_output, another two lines like this:

     if (! NILP (wait_for_cell) && ! NILP (XCAR (wait_for_cell)))

should be added before the if (!no_avail) line (around line 4612 in the copy I 
am looking at.

I made this change in my copy and so far, it seems to work.

Perry Smith

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