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bug#15670: how advised

From: Jarek Czekalski
Subject: bug#15670: how advised
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 17:52:00 +0200
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Since I was not conscious of the advice, here is the advising used, I believe it has no influence on the bug:

;;; There is a bug in Emacs 21 that causes info-extract-pointer to be
;;; called erroneously.

(defadvice Info-extract-pointer  (around emacspeak pre act comp)
  "Silence emacspeak during call."
  (let ((emacspeak-speak-messages nil)
        (emacspeak-use-auditory-icons nil))

Somehow this workaround does not work around, but that's a different tale. Let's fix a bug if there is a bug in Info.


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