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bug#15628: 24.3.50; ns-get-selection-internal quits on unsupported paste

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#15628: 24.3.50; ns-get-selection-internal quits on unsupported pasteboard content on OS X
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 18:56:30 +0200


I've removed the FQuit in trunk.

        Jan D.

16 okt 2013 kl. 09:11 skrev Sebastian Wiesner <address@hidden>:

> On OS X 10.8, "ns-get-selection-internal" calls quit on unsupported
> pasteboard content, such as images.
> This behaviour breaks all yanking and killing.  The quit signal
> interrupts "kill-new" and "current-kill" while these functions try to
> retrieve the pasteboard content via "ns-get-pasteboard" (called by
> "x-selection-value", which is the default "interprogram-paste-function"
> on OS X), which internally calls "ns-get-selection-internal".
> Hence, "kill-new" fails to save the given kill to the kill ring, and
> "current-kill" fails to pop the latest kill from the kill ring.
> To reproduce, start Emacs, set "save-interprogram-paste-before-kill" to
> t, copy an image (e.g. from an iPhoto Library), and then try to yank or
> kill.  For the latter, the following stacktrace is given with
> "debug-on-quit":
> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (quit "empty or unsupported pasteboard type")
>  ns-get-selection-internal(CLIPBOARD)
>  ns-get-pasteboard()
>  x-selection-value()
>  kill-new(#("elisp-slime-nav" 0 15 (fontified t face 
> font-lock-constant-face)))
>  copy-region-as-kill(39166 39181)
>  kill-ring-save(39166 39181)
>  #<subr call-interactively>(kill-ring-save nil nil)
>  ad-Advice-call-interactively(#<subr call-interactively> kill-ring-save nil 
> nil)
>  apply(ad-Advice-call-interactively #<subr call-interactively> 
> (kill-ring-save nil nil))
>  call-interactively(kill-ring-save nil nil)
>  command-execute(kill-ring-save)
> This unfortunate interaction makes "save-interprogram-paste-before-kill"
> nearly useless on OS X, because the user always needs to inspect the
> pasteboard manually and remove content unsupported by Emacs before being
> able to reliably kill and yank.
> I think "ns-get-selection-interal" should simply ignore unknown
> pasteboard content, or at least respect a user option to ignore unknown
> pasteboard content.  This unknown content is of no use to Emacs anyway,
> so there is no point in even trying to put it onto the kill ring.

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